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ZOOCCHINI's grip+easy™ Comfort Safety Training Legging & Sock Sets support and enhance your baby's crawling instincts, and its developmental progress to standing and walking.


Cute & stylish, moms will love this comfortable soft stretchy material that protects little knees from bruises and scrapes when they are curiously crawling about.



  • Uniquely-designed silicone non-skid grippers at knee pads and socks soles for added protection and prevent slipping
  • ​Crafted in tube knit, combed cotton/polyamide with spandex for stretch and flexibility
  • Comes with matching non-skid socks for crawling-walking transition
  • Can be fashionably used outdoors and indoors
  • Machine-washable


Size: 17" L x 8"W

Suitable for: ages 12-18 months

Child measurement guide: Weight 22-30 lbs (10-13.5 kgs), Waist 7.5-13" (30.5-33 cms), Height 29-33" (73.5-84 cms)



Designed in the USA. Made in China.

Zoocchini Baby Safety Training Pants & Socks Set - Leo the Lion(12-18mos.)

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