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Children of all age groups love to draw and doodle, it's a fun and healthy source of entertainment for them. Interacting with our educational wooden toys helps toddlers increase their attention span, learn colors, letters, numbers, improve on problem solving skills, and other essential life skills to include:
Fine motor skills: Coordination between small muscles, like those of the hands and fingers, with the eyes
Sensory motor skills: Children begin to experience (through sensory input) the environment through sight, sounds and more
Cognitive Development: Helps develop the brain improves children's ability to think about and understand the world around them
Social Development: Interacting with friends and family in a group setting

Dual sided easel features a chalkboard for drawing, writing or doing math problems. Activity set also includes duster and a box of multicolor chalk sticks
Dry Erase Whiteboard

Turn the easel around for hours of enjoyable magnetic fun, and creative drawing on a dry erase white board virtually anywhere!
1 Eraser
4 Magnets with different animal faces

Tooky Toy Table Top Easel

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