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Wooden Toy Fire Station Playset has 17 wooden pieces depicting all the things you would find either in a fire station or when you were out fighting a blaze. This set is very well designed. The heavy duty cardboard box has a top and front which folds down to reveal the inside of a fire station. The flap that you folded down becomes the forecourt outside the station and has roads, grass, bushes and a traffic light printed on it.


The pieces in this set are

  • 2 x firefighters
  • a burning house
  • 2 x witches hats
  • warning cones
  • megaphone
  • first aid bag
  • fire extinguisher
  • fire engine
  • Dalmatian dog
  • fire
  • axe
  • hydrant
  • 2 x fire-hoses
  • ladder
  • helicopter

This is a wonderful kids toy play set for all sorts of role playing games and it won't be long before this fire house is in full operation. All the pieces can fit inside the box, then fold the flap up and it can be easily transported to another location.


With a wooden helicopter your little toddler fire chief will be able to fly high above the emergency and direct all the play operations.


A fantastic set where the storage box becomes part of the game.


Please note the storage box is heavy duty cardboard with a wipe clean surface. The accessories are solid wood.

Tooky Toy Fire Station

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