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Ultra light design making it easier for baby to hold in mouth for longer • Made from super soft 100% foodgrad silicone – safe for baby, silky smooth soft silicone gives this soother a skin-like feel and texture so it feels familiar in baby’s mouth
• The soother curves around sensitive cheeks and noses to help prevent skin irritation and rashes.

• Acceptance guaranteed – shaped, moves and flexes like our award-winning breastlike teats so baby is likely to accept this soother first time

• Anti -static – keeps dust away, to reassure parents about hygiene.

• Easy Clean one piece silicone soother. Dishwasher safe

• BPA/BPS free

• Comes with a hygiene case

  • 2pcs per pack

Tommee Tippee Soft-one piece silicone soother 0-6m – Pink/Green/White(2pcs)

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