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Tiny Buds Newborn Dry Cotton Wipes are made from pure cotton. Each pull is soft  and biodegradable.

Dry wipes are very easy to use, just add water or leave dry! They are free from fragrance and preservatives, light weight, and suitable for newborn and sensitive skin. Soak in warm water to clean newborn babies from face to bum.


Why Use Dry Wipes?

  • Can Be Soaked in Warm Water
  • Healthier for Newborn Skin
  • Pure Cotton Materials
  • Unscented & Preservatives Free
  • 5 Star Absorbency
  • Last Longer Than Wet Wipes
  • Eco Friendly & Biodegradable
  • Light Weight & Convenient for Traveling


Tiny Buds Baby Naturals Tiny Buds Newborn Dry Cotton Wipes

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