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Fits and Feels like Underwear! Tammé Lady Diaper is here to give you comfort during your heavy periods or post-partum heavy flow, giving you the feeling of still wearing normal underwear.

- Measure at the HIPS

- Stretches up to 48inches

- Can fit plus size

- Premium Japan Quality

- Pad length 45cm

- Does not bulge at the bottom, no need for underwear

- Extra-long sanitary napkin extending to the back

- Sleep comfortably with no menstrual blood staining the mattress

- Absorbs 180ml of blood

- Soft and comfy does not cut the skin

- Can be used during heavy blood flow, post-partum heavy flow

- Tear at the side and roll for distribution

Tamme Menstrual Post Maternity Diaper Panty (Medium)

  • M Hips 26-37inches

    1 pack contains 1 Menstrual Diaper

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