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Contains the following:


  • 1 flange(24mm), 1 white valve, 1 wide neck bottle, 1 silicon diaphragm and connector, 1 handle
  • Compatible with Spectra wide neck breast kits
  • Massagers sold separately (P400/piece)
  • We don’t include nipples unless requested by the customer in writing. We support the Milk Code and that means we do not give away nipples since bottle feeding leads to breast rejection. As breastfeeding advocates, we recommend cup feeding baby your expressed milk instead. Don’t worry, it’s easy! 🙂
  • Please don’t forget to check your flange fit here and specify the correct size under special instructions. The wrong flange fit will lead to painful pumping, decreased output and lower milk supply. 


Please check your nipple tips after breastfeeding and compare against a 25 centavo coin.

– if nipple tip is bigger than 25 centavos, get 28mm

– if nipple tip is smaller or the same as 25 centavos, get 24mm.

– if nipple tip is the same or larger as a P5 coin, get 32mm.


*packaging may vary 

SPECTRA Manual Wide Neck Pump

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