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Pump-dispenser bottle 300 mlFragrance FreeDaily soothing cleansing gel for baby hair and body of very sensitive skin from birth on(1).(1)Including newborns out of the NICU.ATTRIBUTES:  Effectively and gently cleans the baby skin.Soothes to improve the appearance and tingling sensations associated with very sensitive baby skin, especially due to hard water bathingTear-free formula.PROVEN EFFICACY: Gently cleans the baby skin: 100%(2a)New born skin strenghtens: 95%(2b)Soothes even fragile and immature child skins : 98%(2b)(2)Use test conducted under dermatological and pediatric control on 60 children, including babies under 3 months over 28 days (% of satisfaction; 2a: self-assessment ; 2b: investigator).TIPS OF USE: Pour into hands, lather to clean baby hair and body. Rinse off.PLEASURABLE TO USE :Its fragrance-free formula leaves a pleasant scent, the baby skin soften and hair silky.Easy to rinse off. 

Soothing Cleansing Gel (300ml)

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