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This handy multi-tool can be used to clean a variety of baby feeding equipment: bottles, nipples, and breast pump parts. The soft and firm bristles allow for gentle cleaning or serious scrubbing. The Detail Cleaner and grant access to tight spots. Ventilation holes and stand keep the brush dry.

Oxotot Bottle brush with detail cleaner and stand gray

  • Why You’ll love it:
    – Brush head has two types of bristles for gentle cleaning and serious scrubbing
    – Fits most bottle sizes; flexible neck for easy reach to get a deep clean inside bottles
    – Silicone nipple cleaner gets into tight spaces and is ideal for bottle nipples, sippy cup or breast pump parts
    – Ventilation holes help nipple cleaner dry quickly
    – Soft, comfortable grip won’t slip out of wet hands


  • Care Instructions: Washing with warm soapy water will do. Do not expose any plastic / silicone product to extreme heat or UV as it may cause damage and increase wear and tear.

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