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Cleanbaby's Original Dotted Blankets - soothing, relaxing and extra comfortable! 


What makes it special?


The minky side of the blanket (made of 100% velvet-like polyester) makes your little one feel held and hugged, hence reducing anxiety and inducing a peaceful sleep.


It also stimulates their senses, making them more curious and mentally stimulated (watch them play with the little dots!) We've received testimonials from moms who have witnessed their babies turn their dislike for blankets into instant love! 


One blanket, two experiences - depending on their mood, your little one can either enjoy the cool, highly breathable 100% cotton of the blanket's front side, or be wrapped up with the dotted back side. 


There are a lot of cutie designs available for you to choose from. 


Size: 110x75cm

Original Dotted Blanket

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