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  • Deeply cleans dirt and food stains
  • Leaves laundry fresh and clean
  • Mild and gentle on skin
  • Naturally softens
  • Fragrance free
  • No optical brighteners

Nature To Nurture Fresh Floral Field Laundry Powder Ultra Gentle 1kg (lavender)

  • Plant and mineral based laundry cleanser for that purest clean wash

    Our Free & Clear Laundry Powder Ultra Gentle deeply cleans clothes, effectively lifts away dirt and grime. It neutralizes odors and breaks down stains with its plant-dervied enzymes. Formulated with bentonite clay, a powerful detoxifying and healing clay, it naturally absorbs grease and dirt from clothes making it perfect for presoaking.

    Naturally softens clothes and rinses clean. 

    Machine and hand wash safe.

    Fragrance free formulation ideal for sensitive skin. 

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