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8 sachets per pack

24 grams per sachet


Who can drink Mother Nurture Mixes?

Mother Nurture Mixes are intended for lactating moms, but everyone may enjoy it. In fact, it is safe for people who are:

Diabetic. Our product uses only Stevia Leaves that help insulin secretion.
Hypertensive. It has low caffeine content and will not cause palpitations.


It uses a non dairy creamer that will prevent acid reflux.
Kids ages 2 and up may also enjoy our Choco Mix.


On the other hand, if you are pregnant, it is best to consult your physician especially if you are at high risk pregnancy and/or taking precautions on your diet.


Is it safe to consume?

Mother Nurture mixes were proven safe to consume. Our research and product development team were supervised by a licensed chemist and nutritionist during formulation, further studies and thorough testing.

Just make sure to check the expiry dates provided at the bottom/back part of each sachet prior to consumption for your safety.


What is our product made of and where is it made?

Our mixes were formulated/made from herbs. All active ingredients of our mixes are locally and naturally grown, which means we DON’T use chemicals or pesticides to grow our plants. At the same time, the fact that our ingredients are locally grown, every purchase you make from us helps Filipino Farmers provide for the basic needs of their family.

Mother Nurture Malunggay Choco Mix

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