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Mamii Moon Natural Refreshing Red Onion Patch for Babies and Kids

Gentle formula, suitable for all ages

Helps relieve stuffy and itchy nose

Reduce nasal congestion, cough and cold

Breathe comfortably and sleep well at night

Fresh smell, clear and comfortable

Relieves dizziness

Large sticker size 4x4cm

Comes in 18 cute random designs

Main Ingredients:

Organic Red Onion Oil : Smell helps relieve nasal congestion in children who have cold s or allergy

Organic Mantha Arventis Leaf Oil : Cool and refreshing aroma, helps to relax, prevent sinus and flu symptoms.

Organic Eucalyptus Oil : Fresh fragrance helps relieve nasal congestion, clear breath, anti bacterial

Organic Lavender Oil : Fresh, relaxing scent, helps nourish the respiratory system. alleviate the flu

Betel Vine Essential Oil: Used to relieve inflammation of the nose and throat. Helps relieve itching.

How to use :

Attached to clothing , mask, pillow, fan.

Used up to 8 hours

Do not follow the skin.

Can be used as often as needed

Can be used by babies, children, pregnant women and adults.

Safe for G6PD patients

1 box contains 6 Mamii Moon Sachets

Sticker size 4x4cm

Mamii Moon Natural Refreshing Red Onion Patch (6 Patches)

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