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A set of 16 flash cards to learn about the world around you. Four cards are all about your home and the objects you can find in your kitchen, shed, bathroom and bedroom. Four Cards about animals. Learn which animals live in the sea, in the wild or on the farm. Four cards about things you do in the world. What do you do inside and outside? One card all about fruits; one card all about vegetables; one card about buildings; one card about transportation. All this and more to keep children's brains working and learning. Unique and fun design. High quality heavy-duty cardboard. Recommended for ages 3 years+.


What's the difference?


Based on Cognition

Learning about colors, shapes and other basic knowledge for learning!


Encyclopedia of Life

Learning about fruits, animals, or even the things you can find in the kitchen!


These cards are perfect for your kids to enhance their knowledge! 

Cognitive Cards

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