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Our boba wrap: Classy, Chic and Universally flattering! Pulls any outfit together. - Comfortably wraps babies from birth to 35 lbs in the love of your baby hold. - 95% French Terry Cotton with a touch of Spandex to retain its shape. - Four way stretch that provides flexibility, adjustability, and real support. - No guess tying! Our intelligent fabric will cling perfectly to the contours of your body and your baby. - One size fits all (creates a custom fit every time you tie. - International Hip Dysplasia Institute (Certified Hip Healthy) - Machine washable, tumble dry on low. Available colors: Black, Sangria and Grey

Boba Wrap

    • You should place the baby’s face at or above the rim of a sling or wrap so that their face is visible.
    • Make sure your baby’s face is not covered and you can see your baby’s face at all times.
    • Use with caution for infants below 4 months old as their necks are not yet strong enough to support their heads.
    • Make sure you can fit 2 fingers between baby’s head and chin.
    • Use with extra caution for babies with low birthweigh, premature, a twin or with other issues such as a cold.
    • Double check latches and ties are secure
    • Bend at the knees and do not lean over when reaching for something
    • Use 1 or 2 hands on baby when getting used to baby wearing
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