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We are proud to have this, our very own breastmilk bag curated with love and passion for moms. Each box contains 25 pre sterilized bags. Each breastmilk bag has 7 oz capacity. What are the special features of our breastmilk bags? ✅  It’s BPA Free✅   It’s spout pouring making it easy for moms to transfer their collected breastmilk to a storage bottle, no spills at all! ✅   SELF STANDING - pump anywhere, anytime! ✅   Double Layered - for extra protection of your liquid gold ✅   Double Ziplocked - to ensure that there’s no foreign object that can contaminate your liquid gold and to guarantee that there will be no leaks or spills at all even if it’s not in a standing position. ✅  Totally FREEZER SAFE✅   FDA Approved✅   Leak ProofIt passed certain standards to ensure the safety of your liquid gold - as moms ourselves, we wouldn’t want to risk the safety of your liquid gold and baby. ✅  In the packaging, we have included several GUIDELINES to remember when thawing your breastmilk - defrosting and preparation of your milk, proper storage of your breastmilk and how to use our breastmilk bags. 

Baby Zen Breastmilk Storage Bag

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