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A baby's delicate face and eyes must be wiped with a gentle touch. Wipe clean baby's face with BabyMoby Cotton Premium Cotton Rounds with soft round edge, won't cut baby's skin.

Made with Japan's Water Jet

Technology to strengthen the surface with high pressure water instead of using glue, resulting in a soft, lint-free, glue-free and chemical-free surface. Suitable for the sensitive skin of newborns.

•Lint-free, no lints even when wet.

•Smooth and soft surface with high absorbency,

•Made from 100% pure cotton, super soft thick cotton wool to help clear all dirt on the face thoroughly.

•Hospital grade.

•Clean, safe, and sterilized at high heat temperature.

Sheet size 6×6 cm. suitable for baby's face.

Contoured shape to the eyes and face. No edges to cut the skin

Tested to be hypoallergenic even on sensitive skin.

(Hypoallergenic Tested) according to Japan DRC standard

Usage: For wiping baby's face and eyes.

Quantity : 35 gram


Baby Moby Cotton Rounds

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