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Baby Moby Cotton pads contain no glue or fluorescent and is made with 100% natural cotton. It is made with Japan’s Water Jet Technology to strengthen the surface of the cotton pads instead of glue or other chemicals. No lints even when wet. It is smooth pressed sides make it more convenient and sterilized at high temperature. It is usually used to clean around the eyelids and other sensitive areas.


How to clean the baby’s eye area


  • Soak the pad in saline.
  • Wipe from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer in one direction (wiping back and forth could cause infection)
  • Use a different pad for the other eye to prevent infection


Other Uses

  • For breastfeeding or pumping, soak the cotton pads with clean water (boiled water let cool) to remove any residues on the nipples

  • These pads can also be used for cosmetics (apply toner or remove makeup)

Baby Moby Cotton Pads ( Jumbo)

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