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Alilo's magnetic blocks are versatile and colorful. Most of the blocks feature symbols like numbers - perfect for early childhood education.

Great for:
- Magnetic construction
- Simple mathematic operations
- Quantity, color, and shape learning

Magnetic building blocks help your baby grow up!

1. Grasp exercises, exercise small hand muscle control, enhance small hand flexibility;
2. Magnetic force assist, make he building blocks scattered into a variety of shapes, improve the baby's hand-eye coordination;
3. The connection of magnetic points realizes that traditional building blocks cannot be combined;
4. The three-dimensional shape is put together, hands and brains are used to activate the unlimited creativity of the baby, exercise the baby's observation ability, and cultivate the baby's spatial creative thinking;
5. The blocks of different sizes are designed with three-dimensions shapes to help the baby understand the geometric figures;
6. Match bright and rich colors with high saturation to help the baby recognize the color, build the correct color recognition, and promote the baby's visual sensory development.

Alilo Magnetic Building Blocks

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